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Visit best Croatian wineries & vineyards

Get yourself into real wine adventure with luxurious boat accommodation and feel Croatian wine magic! Visit best Croatian wineries & vineyards, all while cruising on a sailboat or catamaran around Dalmatian islands!

Dalmatia wine tour is your chance to taste some of the best Dalmatian wines right in the cellars, try unusual local food in carefully selected village estates while enjoying fantastic Dalmatian coastline scenery. Croatia as one of the oldest wine regions on the planet has 150 indigenous grape sorts but more than 100 belong to Dalmatian coastal part. Join us for this exclusive journey through unforgettable tastes and sensations.

As we journey through the region and share some of our favourite wineries, we travel from the mainland onto islands, then back to the mainland again, to pronounce our favourite winemakers and tasting experiences that delight the senses with innumerable pleasure.

On your way allow your palates the pleasure of tasting superb wines from vineyards on the islands of Brač, Hvar , Vis and Pelješac , take a walk through Korčula , hometown of Marko Polo. Taste the drops from wine flows of central Dalmatia. This area shall enchant you not only with its wine treasury but also with extremely rich natural and cultural beauties that shall leave you breathless.

Learn which wine sort goes best with certain authentic dish. This is how you will satisfy your senses completely with the explosion of tastes, smells and colours.

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The route


Lumbarda (vino GRK) Vitis Winery / Bire Winery

Hvar – Jelsa

Vinarija Tomić
Vinarija Plančić


Hvar – Sveta Nedjelja Marina

Vinarija Plenković (Bilo Idro)



Bol Stina vinarija


Senjanović vina
Vina Lipanović
Vidović family Winery
Roki’s – vinarija restoran

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