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Sailing Forever Adriatic d.o.o., the official dealer for Salona Group LTD. embodies the brand’s trailblazing spirit. With 14 years in operation, our commitment to constant growth and refinement in our services is unwavering. We’re delighted to showcase an expansive collection of both new and pre-owned Salona sailing boats, in addition to a diverse range of services such as charter management and yacht charter.

Our catalogue of Salona sailboats encompasses the range from 33 to 46 feet. Each Salona sailboat we offer is the product of innovative designs, each line bearing unique attributes.

Our experienced and highly-qualified team is committed to providing honest, transparent, and pragmatic guidance at the highest level. Moreover, our exceptional infrastructure and integrated services ensure you receive unparalleled post-sale support, enabling you to fully enjoy your new acquisitions from day one.

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Post-Sales Support

As the principal representative and supplier for boat makers Salona, Sailing Forever d.o.o. offers comprehensive service assistance (covering both warranty and non-warranty matters) for all boats produced by the mentioned manufacturers. Factory Salona, the boat maker, provides a full warranty on the sailing yachts’ hull construction and structure. Additionally, a full warranty is provided for equipment installed at the shipyard.

Warranty duration for other equipment, such as engines, instruments, and heating systems, installed on the boats may vary depending on the specific equipment and its manufacturer.

If you are considering an upgrade, we are more than willing to assist in marketing your current yacht, guaranteeing the most favorable price and a seamless end-to-end service.

Spare parts & Replacement Components

We provide our customers with the opportunity to acquire genuine Salona factory replacement parts for all boats in the lineup. Upon receiving your request via email, phone, we will send you a quote and information regarding the specifications, cost, and delivery of the desired spare parts or services.

In addition, we offer assistance with outfitting and installing any other necessary marine equipment to ensure a comfortable and secure boating experience, such as bow thrusters, generators, cooling systems, inverters, chargers, sail servicing and provisioning, boat transportation and more.