North Middle Adriatic

Shaped by the wind “bura” and bleached by salt, these islands and their small towns, hidden ports and crystalline water call out to sailors to venture into an open sea and discover this paradise. The unspoiled wild beauty of 240 islets and reefs that form Šibenik archipelago is just part of its charm contrasted by fairytale like waterfalls of Krka. This world of sea, stone and water with its national parks is unique and magical.


22 °C

average hvar temperature

45 km/h

average wind speed

20 °C

average sea temperature


To berth

To do

  • Visit the cathedral
  • Tour the fortress walls
  • Visit St Laurence’s church with caverns and botanical gardens
  • Sail to nearby Kornati

Sibenik is a royal town and one of the most important sites on the Adriatic coast, founded by Croats after the fall of Roman Empire. Located at the mouth of river Krka, this city fills its history pages with stories of kings, conquerors, pirates, templars, destruction and rebirth. Over the times many different rulers and nations laid claim on the city and in hope of keeping it, left their mark- evident on its rich cultural and historical heritage from the fortresses, city walls, the impressive Cathedral of Sv. Jakov [St. Jacob], to numerous other churches and palaces that are the reason the city today is under UNESCO protection. Sibenik is also very near national park Kornati and Telascica, so if you sail to Sibenik, make sure you visit at least the closest islands in the Kornati archipelago


To berth

To do

  • Visit river Krka waterfalls
  • Eat famous Skradin’s risotto

Skradin is a small town rising over river Krka, drawing its origins from the Illyrian-Roman times. Over the centuries it grew by blending cultures of various conquerors and their cultures. This is the reason why in just one place you can see Christian, Muslim and Orthodox cultural and historic monuments perfectly preserved one next to each other. Skradin is also a perfect starting point for tours of Krka Waterfalls-National Park not to be missed. Thanks to its position deep in the cove, Skradin is also a great place for you to berth in case of any kind of storm.


To berth

To do

  • Visit Babic wineayards

Small Island linked to the mainland by a causeway to this day is a reminder of the old Adriatic. With its narrow streets, Mediterranean atmosphere and fishermen houses spiraling toward the highest point where overlooking the city, lies the church of St George. Primosten leaves us feeling relaxed and ready for a long walk by the sea, exploring the town walls or just enjoying the sun on one of the city beaches. By berthing in Primosten you can descend directly on its beautiful Riva (promenade) and enjoy its nightlife directly from the boat.


To berth

To do

Rogoznica, was known to sailors since ancient Greece as many myths and heroes were link to this city bay. That was mostly due to the fact that this area is a natural border between two strings of Adriatic Islands-Kornati Archipelago and Cental Dalmatian islands. Town has kept its appearance trough centuries since it was created by the local villagers running from Turks. It is ideal for a peaceful and relaxing sailing stop at Marina Frapa and nature lovers enjoy visiting the surrounding caves and Lake Zmajevo oko.

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