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Teambuilding regatta is an ideal corporate event. Get your co-workers together for an exciting action in a new environment that emphasizes teamwork, competition and having fun.  It motivates the employees, encourages communication. It is challenging, but everyone can enjoy regardless of the experience level.

How does a sailing regatta work?

Recreational regatta is a week – long event or could be shorterned to 4 – 5 days. It includes from 7 to 20 boats, all participants are divided into crews of 6-8 sailors led by an experienced skipper who will assist in all activities.

Along with great fun, our instructors will show how victory on the water translates to victory in the business world:  the crew that works together and communicates clearly does well, and the skipper who remains calm in a tacking duel comes out on top!

Teams will compete against each other. Skippers will teach their teams the basic sailing techniques, so that participants with no experience can manage to perform different functions on the boat. Everyone gets to sail and constributes to winning!

The regatta starts in marina Kastela, near Split.  After accommodation on the yacht, introduction and the opening ceremony, the teams will sail out, each with their skipper.

The first day of the regatta is usually a training day in the sea, combined with swimming and other relax activities.

Then 5 racing days will follow,- in an informal atmosphere, teams will practice sailing skills, exchange experience, opinions, establish new contacts, and, above all, have fun, discover the beautiful region of Dalmatia.

How we spend evenings at regatta?

Each day after the race, yachts will park in marinas, city piers or picturesque bays, teams will meet in cosy restaurants for the daily awards ceremonies, to have dinner, discuss the race and share the emotions.

The last day of the event the boats are handed over and overall winners are awarded during the official closing ceremony. Then it is time to celebrate!

Our regattas are registrered in Croatian Sailing federation and Harbour master office. Official judge is provided to evaluate the race results and to acknowledge the winners. Technical & administrative support during whole event is provided by dedicated team of professionals from Sailing Forever charter.

To learn more, please contact the us at info@sailingforever.com

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