Explore our flexible financing options, tailored to meet your specific needs, empowerin you to achieve your financials goals with ease.

When acquiring a boat, selecting the appropriate financing method is crucial. It’s essential to find a versatile option that caters to the specific boat type and its features, ensuring it doesn’t hinder the owner’s ongoing activities while offering optimal ease in using and managing the vessel. In partnership with specialized financial institutions ( usually Erste Group or Raiffeisen Bank ), we’ve designed unique financing options for our customers, regardless of whether they’re purchasing a motorboat, sailboat, or an entire fleet.

Based on the vessel type and client’s requirements, boats can be financed through financial and operating leases for up to eight years. If desired, financing can also encompass mandatory and comprehensive boat insurance and other associated expenses.

Financial leasing is a model where, at the end of the contract, the client gains ownership of the vessel. Throughout the contract’s duration, the leasing institution holds legal ownership, while the lessee is considered the economic owner, responsible for registering and accounting for depreciation and interest expenses. This option is tailored for those within the VAT system who can claim a refund of input.


Operating leasing, on the other hand, focuses on the use of the vessel rather than ownership. When the contract expires, the client/user can easily exchange the boat for a new one and continue paying monthly rent. Operating leases do not involve the purchase or acquisition of vessel ownership by the lessee upon the contract’s end. In addition to financing for companies and individuals from Croatia, we also offer financing for EU citizens, with special benefits for clients who berth their boats in Croatian marinas and wish to sail under the flag of any European Union country.

We provide a “turnkey” system for all our clients, where they only need to choose a vessel that aligns with their preferences and capabilities, and we take care of the rest.

Company Start-Up Package:

For clients who do not already have a registered company for the charter business, we offer a comprehensive start-up package, including company management address & accounting at reasonable prices. This service simplifies the process for foreigners, allowing them to bypass bureaucratic obstacles.

Sailing Forever Adriatic d.o.o, as an exclusive Salona Group LTD. dealer, provides the boat and helps define its optimal configuration for charter. We order, transport, rig, and deliver the boat ready for charter in Croatia. Boats are typically purchased by private companies (EU or Croatian recommended) and registered under EU flags.