Toys & Tenders Season 2023

Jet ski
Sea-Doo GTX limited

The GTX 300 Limited provides a luxurious amount of space for 3 person, and unmatched stability with a host of additional features that transform the ride into a 5-star experience.

Price: from 1.800,00 – 2.100 €/week depending on the period

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Seabob F5 S

The SEABOB F5 S is an ultimate high-performance watercraft. With just 29 kg, the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties. Autonomy: 75 Minutes; Quick charging: 75 minutes; Charging: 8 hours.
Price: 875,00 €/week

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Jobe Infinity Island

Extend your boat and create the perfect playground. Ideal for sunbath, yoga, play around and to dock your jet ski or SUP.

Price: 200,00 €/week

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Jobe swimming pool

Create your own swimming area with this 4x4m pool. Easy to attach to the boat. The 2m deep, mesh net will keep the (jelly) fish away. Go for a Care Free swim.

Price: 300,00 €/week

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Jobe Infinity Island
& swimming pool set

Extend your boat with an island for sunbath, yoga, playing space, and attach your own swimming pool to it. Perfect combination!

Price: 500,00 €/week

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Sup classic

Inflatable Paddle Board package is an all new shape and is the perfect toy for your adventure week!

Price: 130,00 €/week

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Sup Jobe Aero Venta 9.6 with sail

Featuring an easy to install windsurf mount, this inflatable SUP can take you wherever you want with a little help from mother nature!

Price: 180,00 €/week

Sail 3,5M2

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Tribal towable 3p

This towable has especially been made to make entry super easy and is a real thrill seekers’favourite.

Price: 100,00 €/week

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JBL Party Box 710 - 800 watt

Create an instant connection with high-performance JBL Pro Sound. Dual 2.75″ tweeters and 8″ woofers paired with tuned bass reflex port deliver detailed audio perfection for music so loud you can literally feel the beat.

Price: 100,00 €/week

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Jobe Hotseat Towable

The Hotseat is equipped with 4 luxurious neoprene knuckle-guard handles which offer grip and comfort.

Price: 50,00 €/week

Jobe Inflatable Chair

Take a step back of the hustle and bustle of the summer and enjoy a moment of comfort and relaxation.

Price: 50,00 €/week ( set of 2 )

Fun Boy Giant Cabana Dayclub

The FUNBOY Cabana is featuring a removable mesh shade, & is designed for 4 VIP’s. Keep cool with dual mesh foot baths and a central storage compartment for drinks or a speaker. The water entry pad makes entry and lounging a breeze. Comes with side grab ropes, 8 handles and a tether rope to tie it firmly to Your yacht.

Price: 100,00 €/week

Fun Boy Bali Cabana Lounger

Embrace relaxation with FUNBOY’s Bali Cabana Shade Lounger. Beautifully shaped for ultimate relaxation, comfort and privacy with FUNBOY’s groundbreaking integrated shade. The curved design provides ergonomic neck and back support for multiple people. Dual integrated cup holders add to the ultimate in relaxation. Side positioned grab ropes and dual handles for easy maneuavering both in and out of the water.

Price: 100,00 €/week

Fun Boy White Leisure Chair

Enjoy on water or land – perfectly designed to cradle your body in a weightless, conversational position with your toes dangling in the water to keep you cool. Perfect for reading books, hanging with friends and enjoying your best days.

Price: 50,00 €/week

Fun Boy White Swan Pool Float

You’ve seen a white swan float, but never before like this. The oversized FUNBOY White Swan with room for two features sleek lines and a 60” overall size. The elegant and curved swan neck rises three feet out of the water.

Price: 50,00 €/week

Fun Boy Inflatable Cooler

Introducing the floating bar: the newest way to stay cool with FUNBOY. With room for multiple bottles of wine, ice, and 4 cup holders, you’ll never have to leave the water. Don’t forget the ice — your summer is looking pretty hot.

Price: 25,00 €/week

Exercise on Board

You don’t have to take your gym with you when you move aboard, though there are space-saving alternatives. It’s about using what you have and believing you can. 2 sets of dumbbells ( 2 & 1 kg ), jumping rope, TRX, and various rubber bands.
Price: 15,00 €/week ( whole set )

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