Sailing Forever Charter Management Program for Boat Owners

Discover the Sailing Forever Charter Management Program, an all-inclusive solution for boat owners, providing hassle-free management and maximizing the enjoyment of your sailing adventures.

Has it been your longstanding dream to own a boat, but you’re unsure of the right process? Are you anxious about the expenses, the financing schemes, or the upkeep costs?
May we engage you with a few basic questions:

Could you estimate the number of days annually you envision yourself spending aboard your soon-to-be sailing boat or catamaran?
Have you secured a marina spot for your prospective sailing boat or catamaran that you’ve been contemplating and are on the brink of purchasing?
Do you have time and technical expertise to undertake the maintenance of your new sailing boat or catamaran?
Do you have the patience and determination to get your sailing boat or catamaran ready before each voyage and if needed fix it afterwards?

Allow us to provide a concise response for you: if you can spare 30-40 days for your sailboat, Charter management program for the boat owners is an ideal solution for you!

Sailing Forever has been a leader in the charter business since 2008, offering both bareboat and crewed vessels for holiday rentals and regattas. With headquarters in Bratislava and charter base in marina Kastela near Split, our team of 25 employees is dedicated to providing exceptional service in administration, booking, sales, logistics, technical assistance, and maintenance of the vessels in our fleet. Croatia is an ideal destination for nautical tourism, boasting the largest fleet of monohulls and catamarans for charter purposes in Europe.(30%) in Europe in comparison with Greece (18%), the Caribbean (16%), Italy (12%), and Spain (8%).

One of our company goals is to maintain a clear Charter Management program flow for our clients, including all financial aspects, responsibilities, resulting in benefits for both boat owners and our charter company.

Charter Managemenet Program

The Charter Management Program is designed for boat owners who wish to purchase a vessel and partner with our company for chartering and maintenance services. The process involves signing a Cooperation Agreement between the boat owner and our company as the charter operator. Boat owners can also opt to sell the vessel at the end of the charter cycle.

The Charter Management program allows boat owners to avoid concerns related to boat maintenance, registration, administration, marina berth management, bookings, guest support, marketing, and promotion. Sailing Forever can provide detailed plans and solutions for those looking to acquire a new motorboat or yacht through this program.


Financial Apsects and Responsibilities

The program allows owners to cover annual costs and potentially generate profit while also using their boat for a few weeks each season.

Boat Purchase and Financing Options:

Boat owners choose the size and model of their vessel based on their preferences and budget. We provide an offer for purchasing the boat, including standard charter equipment specifications. Financing options are available through our partner leasing companies, offering low interest rates and flexible financing periods tailored to the client’s needs.

Upon selecting a model, it is important to determine the budget the client is willing to set aside for the purchase of the vessel, the size and number of cabins, as well as to take into account the projected revenue generated by the charter business. Also, it is important to consider the selling price of a used boat after the charter cycle has ended and the moment of sale comes.

Company Start-Up Package:

For clients who do not already have a registered company for the charter business, we offer a comprehensive start-up package, including company management and an address at reasonable prices. This service simplifies the process for foreigners, allowing them to bypass bureaucratic obstacles.

Sailing Forever, as an exclusive Salona Group LTD. dealer, provides the boat and helps define its optimal configuration for charter. We order, transport, rig, and deliver the boat ready for charter in Croatia. Boats are typically purchased by private companies (EU or Croatian recommended) and registered under EU flags (Croatian recommended).


Revenue Allocation and Costs

Our company charges a 35% management fee, with the remaining 65% of the charter revenue going to the boat owner. The boat owner is responsible for costs such as marina berth, insurance, and maintenance, while our company covers agency commission, booking administration, international boat show participation, advertising and marketing costs.

Sailing Forever offers a charter projection for each Salona (or other boat ) model based on the number of predicted charter weeks. Profits are calculated from incomes based on predicted weeks in one season minus annual costs and agency provisions.

Benefits for Boat Owners and the Charter Company Vessel Usage:

Boat owners have the right to use their vessels as desired, provided that the boat is not already occupied by a charterer. Our online booking system allows owners to check the availability of their boat and reserve desired periods for personal use.

Post-Charter Cycle Options:

After the charter cycle is complete, and boat owners have two options. They can either retain the vessel for private use, with our company offering customization services, or decide to sell the used boat through our brokerage department, which will advertise and sell the vessel through relevant sales channels and global broker partnerships.


Explore our flexible financing options, tailored to meet your specific needs, allowing you to achieve your financials goals with ease. For more information, such as boat offers and a more detailed cost specification, please contact our sales department by e-mail: info@sailingforever.com, sergej@sailingforever.com or telephone: +421907097019