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Clean boat standards at Sailing Forever

Sailing Forever customers, sailing lovers,

Let us bring you closer to our cleaning procedures and how we approach these tasks. We consider cleaning to be one of the main maintenance priorities, together with the smooth reservation process and premium technical standards in place.

Our yacht interior cleaning procedures are following the best practices and recommendations of the public health organizations for regular cleaning and disinfection between charters – in order to achieve highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. We only clean with quality products, each sailboat goes through deep cleaning process without any exeption, and we only work with partners that are specifically specialized in the cleaning process in maritime industry.

It is important to mention that our cleaning standards are divided into two main categories.


Off-season cleaning

It begins right when sailing season comes to its end. Our actions can be divided into three different parts;

As a first step we throw away all parts that are not subject to deep cleaning and will be replaced with regards to health issues as all one-time parts, brushes, rags, towels or sponges.

Then we unload all possible linens, rags, cushions, bedlinen, mattresses, towels.

As a next step we remove the movable parts out, such as dining sets, dishes, dining tables, stoves, gas tanks, toilet seats, hoses, life vests, showerheads, toilet seats, utensils, removable deck/floor parts.

After this part is done, we can start with the disinfection and cleaning, surface polishing, cleaning storage spaces and spaces underneath the floorboards.

This process is closely monitored with the help of check lists and spreadsheets, with all data being stored for later analysis or review.

All linen items go through washing with professional detergents, will be drying in separate machines, following by the ironing and packing for specific cabin. Then these will be labelled and stored in dust protective wrapping in our dry warehouse.

We proceed with similar steps for all removable parts, that will be cleaned, dried, refurbished and polished with the special tools, then assembled back on board.

Some part of our cleaning operations is done by our long-term partners, as for example cleaning companies. In such case our cleaning managers are still responsible for the outcome, the result is always inspected and approved. Our good practice to secure a good result is to use another fresh pair of eyes for such inspection.

Finally, all completed tasks are checked and analysed in related checklists and spread sheets,  to make sure tasks are done efficiently, and the process itself is improved when needed.


Sailing Season, weekly cleaning activities

The preparation for each crew change begins far before you arrive on the boat, first of all with updating the complete list of things needed to be covered.
The weekly cleaning schedule is coordinated with our technical and reservation teams, to keep the process logic and optimal. It is indeed very helpful to know whether guests will be arriving earlier or later during the day, if they are planning to return on Friday or Saturday morning. Again, for the priority check-in the process is slightly different.

Our cleaning operations usually starts on saturday morning, same as during the off- season process we remove all rags, linen, sponges, towels, – all of that will be replaced for new guests.

Then we shower the bathroom areas with disinfectants, dry them with separate cleaning devices and polish the surfaces. This part is always treated with special care.

The kitchen area goes through the same process for all surfaces, stove, refrigerators, sinks as well as cleaning all the dishes, dining sets, knives, and other kitchen utensils, followed by disinfection of all doors, knobs, cabinets, and exposed surfaces. All plates, glasses, tableware will be cleaned with hot water and detergent, cabinets holding cutlery thoroughly cleaned and special attention will be given to the fridge and stove.

Finally, we deep clean and vacuum all storage parts, cabins and interior saloon, glass and mirrors, clean and disinfecting the navigation table, including switches on the instrument panel and navigation equipment as well as all the electric switches and fuses.

Cockpit is cleaned as always, specially the common touchpoints such as steering wheel, navigation instruments, buttons, VHF, winch handles, all railings, etc. All exterior cushions are disinfected.

Cleaning a sailboat takes time and has lots of tight spaces, surfaces with tubes as well as numerous storage areas, therefore all cleaning actions are done with a complete checklist and followed by the inspection done by our cleaning manager Marica.

Trolleys for laundry as well as washing machines are disinfected after each cleaning round.

We also follow all Covid-19 measures and recommendations from the local health institute on yachts, as well as in the office which is disinfected before opening and after work. Masks and sanitizers will also always be at your disposal at our office.

Beside other maintenance priorities, we are proud to be among the most respected companies in the sector for our cleaning standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more invormation via e-mail info@sailingforever.com or approach us anytime in the office in marina Kaštela.

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