Tenerife – Split transfer

March is full of excitement for us in the Sailing Forever team. While some of our boats are already starting to participate in first regattas of the season, some are getting ready for a season and one Beneteau First 45 is being transferred back to its home base in Kastela.

TENERIFE – SPLIT, is 2500 NM thrilling route with a lot of interesting places and cultures to visit but due to its length we have divided it into a four legs each offering a lot of sailing, fun and interesting things that can only be experienced the old fashion way- by boat.

Legs are:

  • TENERIFE – GIBRALTAR / 850 NM / 05. 03. 2016 – 19. 03. 2016
  • GIBRALTAR – PALMA DE MALLORCA / 500 NM / 20. 03. 2016 – 30. 03. 2016
  • PALMA DE MALLORCA – PALERMO / 550 NM / 31. 03. 2016 – 09. 04. 2016
  • PALERMO (SICILY) – SPLIT / 570 NM / 10. 04. 2016 – 20. 04. 2016
  • Price per person for the leg 1 is 1.140,00 €.
  • Price per person for legs 2, 3 or 4 is 880 € per leg.
  • Price includes boat-First 45, skipper/capitan, 2-day berth in start/destination marina
  • Not included in the price is food, fuel (diesel), travel expenses during the leg and airfare tickets.
  • Maximum number of persons per boat is 6 plus Capitan.


850 NM / 05. 03. 2016 - 19. 03. 2016

The Atlantic leg, the longest route of this adventure, is filled with contrasting yet exciting mixture of cultures. First stop is Madeira, a tiny volcanic island of eternal spring. While sailing on the ocean toward this exotic, colorful island sailor often encounter whales, dolphins and turtles that migrate past. Known as Portugal’s most enchanting island Madeira welcomes sailors year round.

Next is Ceuta, a Spanish town on the coastline of Morocco most beautiful at night when showing off its fantastic architecture, beautiful plazas, and lively tapas bars. This city at the tip of Africa has been claimed by many different rulers trough centuries from Roman, Byzantine, Arab rulers, Spanish princes, Moroccan sultans and Portuguese kings until it finally it became a little part of Spain in Africa. The exciting history of this gem is best displayed in city’s museums, food, and relaxing nature walks.

This exciting leg ends in Gibraltar- entrance into the Mediterranean. Once thought to be the edge of known world today, this piece of Britain, is world renown for the towering 426m high 5km-long limestone ridge popularly dubbed ‘the Rock’. Located 500 miles from Britain with its architecture, fish-and-chip shops, pubs and red pillar boxes, it is unmistakably different from the rest of Cadiz province.


500 NM / 20. 03. 2016 - 30. 03. 2016

Though this leg is the shortest in miles it doesn’t lack excitement, fun or adventure.

While sailing north up the Spanish coast plan is to visit Malaga, Almeria, Cartagena, and Alicante. These ancient cities all have an interesting history. Their homes, palaces, markets are standing since ancient times, their wharfs were ports for Roman and Phoenician traders, their streets were walked on by the Moors and the Christian Reconquista making these cities historical centers. Numerous visitors each year enjoy not only in the history but also art, food and nightlife these cities have to offer.

From mainland Spain we set sail for one of the party centers of Europe- Ibiza. The best of Europe’s DJs performed for the millions of tourists who visit this party island each year. All night parties are balanced out by the days spent lying on the sandy beaches, exploring the peaceful coves of the north part of the island, roaming the ramparts of the city or enjoying the beauties of sunset in one of the small cafes.

Leaving the all night parties of Ibiza plan is to sail to the one of the most pleasant Mediterranean towns. Palma de Mallorca is the city of blue sky, sea, beautiful palaces, cobbled lanes and all of it crowned by the colossal Gothic cathedral. Like a lot of other Spanish towns Palma is beautiful mixture of ancient, Moorish and catholic culture evident in every corner of this old city. The streets, lively markets, small shops invite passing travelers to come in and look around. This colorful city is final port of this leg.


550 NM / 31. 03. 2016 - 09. 04. 2016

Route that goes through the center of Mediterranean offers a lot of off shore sailing starts with 110 NM transfer from Palma de Mallorca to Menorca.

Sun-bleached shores of Menorca, the easternmost Balearic Island, and its cities are delightfully relaxing. Known for the white-sand bays and dry-stone walls this beautiful island is protected by Unesco as Biosphere Reserve, aiming to preserve the wetlands and mysterious Bronze Age sites.

On the way to Sicily plan is to sail 220 NM to Sardinia. This distinct and colorful island is known for its blue waters -making it a superb diving spot, as well as its Roman ruins and memorable cuisine.

From many beauties of Sardinia we shall try to visit Carloforte on the east coast of Saint Peter’s Island close to the island of Sant’Antioco and Capo Carbonara, a protected marine park known for perfect conditions for scuba divers, bays with great white sand, cliffs covered with wildflowers and it’s walking trails.

Before leaving Sardinia we will dock in Cagliary-city writers compared to Jerusalem and not a bit like Italy. Nestled in the Golfo degli Angeli, known for its golden palazzi that lead to Il Castello, it is not to be missed.

From Sardinia it is 220 NM sail to Sicily and its famed capital city- Palermo.


570 NM / 10. 04. 2016 - 20. 04. 2016

These 570NM can offer sailing to some of the oldest ports of the Mediterranean as it stops in Messina, Crotone, Brindisi and Lastovo.

Founded during the Greek times these ports are some of the eldest towns in Italy and centers of Mediterranean trade since ancient times.

Starting in Palermo-Sicily’s capital city, perfect for those who love unpredictability and adventure: chaotic streets, disheveled buildings and its residents – known for rule bending and suspicion of the outsiders. This interesting-mystical city is perfect introduction to other ports on this leg.

Dependent on the weather conditions plan is also to visit Lipari -largest of a chain of islands in a volcanic archipelago between Vesuvius and Etna and Stromboli Vulcano nicknamed “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” since it has erupted many times and is constantly active.

Santa Maria di Leuca is famous for the iconic lighthouse which marks passage through gate of Adriatic- where Adriatic and Ionian Seas meet.

Once back in Adriatic plan is to stop on Lastovo, beautiful, relaxing port that has been haven to sailors since ancient times. The adventure ends in the Sailing Forever home base in Marina Kastela.